Poll Results

Sims 2 wins, but as I love Sims 4 I’ll create for both games. I’ll go back to Sims 4 when I feel inspired again (probably when there’s a new EP) 🙂 .

My Sims 4 cc is at tumblr and S4S and 18+ Stuff at SexySims and LoversLab.

Thanks to those who participated in the poll.

I’ll regularly check the Wishing Tree and other request places and fulfil requests when I have the time and also check out other requests. I won’t be taking on anything too complex as yet. I will convert some of my own Sims 4 meshes to Sims 2 and possibly Sims 3.

Also I won’t be using female bodyshapes as much only for personal use apart from a few male bodyshapes and I still want to explore some of those BB meshes and will fulfill curdog’s request at InSIMadult.



Poll – Which game would you like to see cc from?

I’m going to share this at Tumblr as well – Kind of stuck in a rut with the sims at the moment so I put it out there what content would the community like to see from me. (If I can make the item that is) 🙂

I’ll leave this until Saturday unless there isn’t many votes or a tie then I’ll leave the poll open for longer.