Update 12/08/17

All LeanBB added now and pic links fixed.

Just added the hair I fulfilled as a request at GoS.

More new Sims 2 items coming soon …





LeanBB Meshes

I’m slowly moving the LeanBB meshes back here, most of them will need to have fat and preg morphs added which will take time.

They were moved away around 2014 to stop BAS creators having access to them.

Surely they know by now 3 years later not to use any of my stuff there. Not in stories, creations or pics. This includes all BAS creators no exceptions to Loonie or others.




Poll Results

Sims 2 wins, but as I love Sims 4 I’ll create for both games. I’ll go back to Sims 4 when I feel inspired again (probably when there’s a new EP) πŸ™‚ .

My Sims 4 cc is at tumblr and S4S and 18+ Stuff at SexySims and LoversLab.

Thanks to those who participated in the poll.

I’ll regularly check the Wishing Tree and other request places and fulfil requests when I have the time and also check out other requests. I won’t be taking on anything too complex as yet. I will convert some of my own Sims 4 meshes to Sims 2 and possibly Sims 3.

Also I won’t be using female bodyshapes as much only for personal use apart from a few male bodyshapes and I still want to explore some of those BB meshes and will fulfill curdog’s request at InSIMadult.


16/06/2017 – New Content

I’m kind of stuck in a rut with Sims 4 at the moment, I thought hard about coming back toΒ  Sims 2 and planned to return to Sims 3 at some point anyway but mainly at a couple of active 18+ forums for Sims 3 items.

I will share new content but if you don’t like what I post here or the cc I share then please leave and don’t visit again. If someone copies an item or miscredits something I will post a link to my original.

Edits are always welcome with credit.








Poll – Which game would you like to see cc from?

I’m going to share this at Tumblr as well – Kind of stuck in a rut with the sims at the moment so I put it out there what content would the community like to see from me. (If I can make the item that is) πŸ™‚

I’ll leave this until Saturday unless there isn’t many votes or a tie then I’ll leave the poll open for longer.



This WordPress and TOU Update

After thinking about it over night, I’ve decided to re-open this site.

I’m not going to let the haters and those who abuse my TOU win.

If certain creators want to convert all to the Sims 4 and trample over other creators items they’ve already converted, the best thing is to let them get on with it and not respond in any way.

Also I ask for no more of my items to be edited/retextured by those creators like the Vampire Coat and Polo Shirt and shared at hellhasspoken or mdpthatsme’s tumblr.

TOU has been updated not to convert any of my Sims 4 cc to Sims 2.


Important – Regarding my creations others have edited.

Again, I’ve seen my creations/conversions credited to others.

Because Trapping makes one my hairs all ages before I knew how to do it myself same with the Peasant Dress eltanin added block feet and morphs to doesn’t make it their creation. Weird that items that have been edited by Martini and Mel have always been properly credited by others editing them. It seems to be the EP07 Long Hair/Cheer Hair and the Peasant Dress in particular where I’m cut out of the credits.

Both Eltanin and Trapping gave me proper credit for their edits so it’s not like those editing would be unaware who created/converted the original items.

Just because you prefer those creators doesn’t mean you can cut out the original creators and credit others for their conversions.

As my Terms of use which has always been a friendly terms of use (apart from Back Alley Sims with good reason) keeps getting violated, this blog may close and all items removed. Sims 3 cc would be relocated to a forum somewhere either with my Sims 4 cc at tumblr or a new tumblr for Sims 3 cc.

I don’t create for this game anymore but I was going to add tutorials on how I did some of the things I did for Sims 2. That now isn’t going to happen.

I create for and play Sims 4 so it’s no problem to shut this blog down and relaunch it with some of my items from Sims 4 on tumblr or for sims stories.