Thanks everyone xx

Thanks to those who sent kind words – I am going to take some time out, don’t know how long. I was just nervous and anxious about coming back to tumblr. I just hope that those who do have issue with me continue to stay away from me.


Considering Retirement/Hiatus

As I have a lack of interest in the Sims 4 at the moment. I just have nothing to make so much so I even went back to Sims 2.

I’ve not really felt comfortable in the community since some drama back in early 2014.

Although I’ve opened a new Sims 2 Simblr – I don’t think I’ll stick with it. Very few followers and downloads. I know there’s still some major dislike towards me from some parts of the sims community and had to think hard about opening that tumblr due to drama last time because I complained about one of my meshes been used that I hadn’t finished yet, I would have apologised for the rant if it hadn’t made it over to Sim Secret and the post screengrabbing my wordpress put on their tumblr page.

Also I think some aren’t happy about me doing the finds at Sims Cave as there’s been stuff about that as well, I think that’s why Lana sssvitlans has unfollowed me.

As much as I enjoy making stuff for the sims I’m wondering whether it’s worth continuing and find something else to do that isn’t part of a community.

I think if I become active I’ll be a target again for the haters and those who follow me around who think they have to know every move i make and what I post etc.

Archive – New Simblr

I’ll leave this WordPress as an archive all new content for Sims 2 will be posted on a new Simblr for Sims 2.

I may use this to add the old stories and screenshots.

Any old meshes I may have missed will be posted here but will post new cc to a new simblr.





Update 12/08/17

All LeanBB added now and pic links fixed.

Just added the hair I fulfilled as a request at GoS.

More new Sims 2 items coming soon …





LeanBB Meshes

I’m slowly moving the LeanBB meshes back here, most of them will need to have fat and preg morphs added which will take time.

They were moved away around 2014 to stop BAS creators having access to them.

Surely they know by now 3 years later not to use any of my stuff there. Not in stories, creations or pics. This includes all BAS creators no exceptions to Loonie or others.




Poll Results

Sims 2 wins, but as I love Sims 4 I’ll create for both games. I’ll go back to Sims 4 when I feel inspired again (probably when there’s a new EP) 🙂 .

My Sims 4 cc is at tumblr and S4S and 18+ Stuff at SexySims and LoversLab.

Thanks to those who participated in the poll.

I’ll regularly check the Wishing Tree and other request places and fulfil requests when I have the time and also check out other requests. I won’t be taking on anything too complex as yet. I will convert some of my own Sims 4 meshes to Sims 2 and possibly Sims 3.

Also I won’t be using female bodyshapes as much only for personal use apart from a few male bodyshapes and I still want to explore some of those BB meshes and will fulfill curdog’s request at InSIMadult.


16/06/2017 – New Content

I’m kind of stuck in a rut with Sims 4 at the moment, I thought hard about coming back to  Sims 2 and planned to return to Sims 3 at some point anyway but mainly at a couple of active 18+ forums for Sims 3 items.

I will share new content but if you don’t like what I post here or the cc I share then please leave and don’t visit again. If someone copies an item or miscredits something I will post a link to my original.

Edits are always welcome with credit.