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    Hair Conversion Tutorial 

    This is how I convert hair

    Must have some knowledge of meshing to use this tutorial – Not for beginners.

    For this you must have the hair you want to convert (Wavfront obj and dds texture) and its texture.


    Things you’ll need

    Base Scalps

    Bases for resizing


    Open Bodyshop

    Clone a hair (clone one by Trapping, SerenityFall, DigitalAngels or myself is easier)

    Import it as you would import clothing

    Exit Bodyshop

    Open SimPE

    Tools > Body Mesh Tool > Extracting Stage

    Select the package you cloned and let it import multiple items.

    This is for reference only and you see what meshes have been used for which ages.

    Make a note of them (I’ll add them below the ones I use)

    puhairSimple – toddler

    cuhairrocker – child

    tmhairrocker – teen

    amhairrocker – adult

    Go to New and don’t save the changes

    Tools > Body Mesh Tool > Extracting Stage

    Where it says Base Mesh Name – type puhairSimple

    You see the 4 files for puhairSimple, this will make the toddler mesh.

    Tools>Object Tools> Fix Integrity

    Put in what you want here to describe your mesh as you would with clothing

    Click Update & then OK

    Save in your SavedSims folder with a mesh name – add toddler on to the end for easy reference.

    Extract the gmdc and save it as toddler-base.

    Go to New

    Type in cuhairrocker

    Repeat the above steps again for child

    Save in your SavedSims folder with a mesh name – add child on to the end for easy reference.

    Extract the gmdc and save it as child-base.


    Do the same for the teen – all these have to be separate meshes and then do it for the adult.

    You needn’t add adult to the end when you save the adult mesh but it’s important for the toddler, child and teen so you know which is which when you extract them later to make one mesh.

    You should have a separate mesh for each age at this stage and a base gmdc for each.

    Also you have your package file.


    Once you’ve sized the hair and fitted it for each age and exported as an obj. One seperate file for each age.

    Import the base mesh in Milkshape and then hide

    Import the scalp – then hide

    Delete hair_alpha3

    Import the edited obj

    Delete the base scalp

    And copy the comments and name from hair_alpha5 to the obj file

    Delete the old hair_alpha5

    Select the new one

    Then go to Vertex>Sims 2 Unimesh Bone Tool and assign the bones to the head – number 7



    Then Commit>Apply To All> Commit All

    Delete all reference meshes, you should have your new mesh and the scalp.

    Scalp should be named hair

    New hair should be named as hair_alpha5

    These are the two files you should have for each age.

    Then Export as a Sims 2 Unimesh.


    Then open each mesh you made in SimPE and replace the GMDC with the new one you’ve just made.

    Commit and Save


    Then in SimPE open the package file.


    Here you’ll see the instances linked with the age

    1 –  toddler

    2 – child

    3 – teen

    4 – adult

    5 – young adult

    6 – elder

    Go to the 3D ID Referencing File to link you mesh


    Link the normal way as would clothing but remember 1 for toddler, 2 for child etc.

    Then go to Texture Image and select the one that isn’t blank.

    Right click and select Import DDS and select the DDS image from the Sims 3 hair you exported.

    Right click again to update all sizes and then commit.

    Then Save and Exit

    Then open Bodyshop and check if everything is okay.


    If everything is okay – close Bodyshop and re-open SimPE

    From the toddler, child and teen meshes right click and extract the 4 files and save them in folders for each mesh for easy finding.

    Then open the adult mesh and right click add then select the 4 files for the teen mesh

    Do the same for the child mesh

    Then the toddler mesh.

    The mesh should have a gmdc, gmnd, cres and shpe for each age.

    Then save and then delete the child, toddler and teen meshes and reopen Body Shop and check again.

    Then retexture and hopefully share your lovely conversion 🙂

  • Julie J 17:37 on March 10, 2018 Permalink  

    Tutorial – How to make lower poly hair 

    Advanced tutorial – For those who know how to convert hair meshes already

    Download the hair to convert – for this tutorial I’m using LeahLillth’s Polly


    I tend to use Sims 3 hairs rather than Sims 4 ones due to the alpha issues and less need to do any UV mapping so a lot easier.

    In this tutorial we’ll use a Sims 3 hair, as it’s in Sims3Pack format, I’ll open TSR Workshop (or you can use Delphy’s Multipack tool to convert to package and open with s3pe)


    Open TSR Workshop and then go to Create New Project

    Select New Import

    Then select Browse and select your Sims3Package first in right hand bottom corner select Sims3Pack

    Select the hair and open

    Menu comes up is this a Sims 4 Package – Select No

    Click Next then Next again – then click OK



    It takes a while to load – Once you see your mesh select the mesh tab at the top

    Click in the folder with the red arrow to export



    Export the mesh and select Wavefront Object – put in a name and export


    Then go to the Textures tab

    Scroll down to Hair textures and then select the diffuse map



    Click Edit then export

    Put in a name and export saving the dds we’ll need it later

    Close TSR Workshop

    Open Blender – Make sure you’re in Object Mode

    Delete the objects there – right select with mouse and press X to delete

    Go to File then Import and then Wavefront object


    Select your hair

    It will load your hair – if two groups select both group using shift key and go to the left side and select Join


    Back to the right hand side select the little wrench icon

    A menu pops up Add Modifier


    Click on that and select Decimate

    You’ll see the polycount of 25000

    Where it says Ratio, there’s a figure of 1.0 change that to 0.5

    Click Apply (then Apply again)


    You’ll see it’s reduced to 12500

    You can do 0.5 again to go lower, results aren’t always that good.

    For this tutorial I’ll just go down to 12500

    Click Apply again

    Go to File – Export – Wavefront Object

    Give it another name – This way you keep your original if the mesh isn’t to your liking.

    Close Blender

    Open Milkshape

    File Import Wavefront Object



    Go to Material tab and delete

    Click New

    Then add the hair texture file you saved and Assign

    Now the mesh is ready to edit and size for Sims 2 and for any age you want also bone assignments.

  • Julie J 11:32 on March 10, 2018 Permalink  


    Tutorials Section added – Some tutorials will be coming soon on how I make some of my cc for Sims 2 and Sims 4

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