VolGal: Alpha Dress & Morphs by Julie J

This was a request for Briconio as the mesh tehNemesis made was terrible on the legs. It maybe still in one of Briconio’s threads at BAS I don’t know. With the site going I’ve updated it with morphs and shared at WordPress & Mamba City only. This isn’t a shape I used very often, there is one Sexy Feet mesh that was a gift and won’t be shared.


Mesh included – Has fat & preg morphs


Warlokk – Body Shape

ChrisHatch – Original Alphas

tehNemesis – Original mesh with Artemistha Shoes

Briconio – Red Lisa Ann Dress

OneBlondMomma – Union Jack Dress

Artemistha – Shoes

Julie J – Updated Alpha/New mesh/Morphs




MixdCrysy VolGal – MAShoes by Julie J

This is only shape I hadn’t done anything with but planned to – Cannot find many meshes where I can make alphas or edit nicely.


Mesh included – Has fat & preg morphs


Warlokk – Bodyshape

MixdCrysy – Original Mesh

MrAntoneddu – Shoes

Julie J – Shoe Conversion/New Mesh/New Morphs/Textures from Maxis Originals