Fashion Model Alpha Morphs Multiboots by Julie J

The last for Sims 2 as I want to explore Sims 4 more and maybe revisit Sims 3 and try to move away from clothing/hair/shoes and focus more on poses and modding – I was going to go with the CPU but opted for Fashion Model instead as I use this more in my game than CPU.



Mesh is included – Has fat & preg morphs

Credit to Warlokk for the bodyshape and Bloom for the original alpha

Everything else is my own work from Maxis content altered extensively.

So please don’t use these dress textures for conversions/or use and pass them off as other simmer’s work or label as “Unknown”.

Thanks to the Sims 2 community and thanks to those who have enjoyed my Sims 2 content since I returned to the game – Life is also getting busy again especially with work. I’ll still be around at some sites and this site will remain open.



Fashion Model Alpha Pants Multishoe by Julie J


Mesh included – Has Fat & Preg morphs


Warlokk – Bodyshape

Bloom – Original Alpha Mesh, SexyFeet, Textures on the last two outfits

Amaryll -Shoes

Al – Original Slides

Marvine – Heels

Julie J – New Mesh, Morphs, Al Slides with SexyFeet

Jeans & Sweater by Peggy


Fashion Model AlphaDress Multishoe


Mesh included – Has fat & preg morphs


Warlokk – Bodyshape

Bloom – Original Mesh, Original Flower Dress & Sexy Feet

Marvine – Heels

Amaryll – Flats

MrAntoneddu – Shoes

Al – Slides

Julie J – New Mesh & Textures, Morphs, Conversion 3to 2 MAShoes, New Al Slides with SexyFeet



Fashion Model Alpha Morphs with OpenPumps by Julie J

I’m going to morph as many of Bloom’s alphas as I can with different shoes, I’ve decided to continue my little project.  I’ll do Fashion Model and add more shoes to the 34DE and the male bodyshapes later on. I’m not rushing the male ones out as some are been difficult in Milkshape and still busy with other real life stuff and Sims 4 as well.


Mesh included – Has fat & preg morphs


Julie J