Dec 28th – Updated Links

Half of the links are updated and the 3to2 post removed as I’ve attached the links to their posts.

All done up to the maxis male items which will be done soon as it’s far the biggest section here.

Most links will be moved to simsfileshare and the box links will be fixed. Mediafire will be updated if they disappear as sometimes happens.

Duplicate posts are been removed and some items will possibly be moved to the 18+ blog.




List of Updated Meshes 25/02

  • I’m currently working through the old stuff and adding morphs where needed, mainly on the female meshes
  • Also getting rid of Box Links and changing them to Mediafire, Dropbox or SimFileShare
  • Here’s a list of the updated meshes with morphs added – This will be updated as I go along when an update has been complete

Sims 2

Momma Lisa – Alpha Skirt – Al Mules

Momma Lisa – Alpha Skirt – BSett Heels

Momma Lisa – Alpha Skirt – BSett Gem Heels

Rose Dress with Toes

SimGuys Coat with Strap Boots

3to2 Fiesta Dress

34DE Dress BSettGem Heels – Link fixed

34DE36 Skinny Jeans – Artemistha Heels – Link Fixed

34DE36 Kristina Chernova BodyStocking with Artemistha Heels – Link Fixed

Maxis Egyptian Dress with Heels

Nalin Popped Collar Multishoe

All the Toddler Outfits – Box Links changed to Dropbox

Open Shirt with Shorts – SexyFeet

34C-Sussi Box Links Removed

Toddler Box Links Removed

Zanki99 Hair – New Link

Fitchick AlphaMorphs – Artemistha Shoes

Fitchick Outerwear – FuzzyBoots

Fitchick AlphaMorphs – FlipsFlops

Fitchick AlphaMorphs – Julie J LianaBloom Shoes

34C Alpha – Yuxi Boots – Link Fixed – Morphs will come soon


Sims 3

Male Rude Tees

The Sims 3 BobbyTH-GND Outfits I made – I had on HoT