Thanks everyone xx

Thanks to those who sent kind words – I am going to take some time out, don’t know how long. I was just nervous and anxious about coming back to tumblr. I just hope that those who do have issue with me continue to stay away from me.


Considering Retirement/Hiatus

As I have a lack of interest in the Sims 4 at the moment. I just have nothing to make so much so I even went back to Sims 2.

I’ve not really felt comfortable in the community since some drama back in early 2014.

Although I’ve opened a new Sims 2 Simblr – I don’t think I’ll stick with it. Very few followers and downloads. I know there’s still some major dislike towards me from some parts of the sims community and had to think hard about opening that tumblr due to drama last time because I complained about one of my meshes been used that I hadn’t finished yet, I would have apologised for the rant if it hadn’t made it over to Sim Secret and the post screengrabbing my wordpress put on their tumblr page.

Also I think some aren’t happy about me doing the finds at Sims Cave as there’s been stuff about that as well, I think that’s why Lana sssvitlans has unfollowed me.

As much as I enjoy making stuff for the sims I’m wondering whether it’s worth continuing and find something else to do that isn’t part of a community.

I think if I become active I’ll be a target again for the haters and those who follow me around who think they have to know every move i make and what I post etc.

Archive – New Simblr

I’ll leave this WordPress as an archive all new content for Sims 2 will be posted on a new Simblr for Sims 2.

I may use this to add the old stories and screenshots.

Any old meshes I may have missed will be posted here but will post new cc to a new simblr.





Sintiklia Winehouse 3to2 by Julie J


So many alpha issues with the Sims 4 version so I converted the Sims 3 version instead.

Teen through to Elder and Polycount was reduced from 28000 to 9000

Hair is binned




Julie J


Update 12/08/17

All LeanBB added now and pic links fixed.

Just added the hair I fulfilled as a request at GoS.

More new Sims 2 items coming soon …