Tutorial – How to make lower poly hair

Advanced tutorial – For those who know how to convert hair meshes already

Download the hair to convert – for this tutorial I’m using LeahLillth’s Polly


I tend to use Sims 3 hairs rather than Sims 4 ones due to the alpha issues and less need to do any UV mapping so a lot easier.

In this tutorial we’ll use a Sims 3 hair, as it’s in Sims3Pack format, I’ll open TSR Workshop (or you can use Delphy’s Multipack tool to convert to package and open with s3pe)


Open TSR Workshop and then go to Create New Project

Select New Import

Then select Browse and select your Sims3Package first in right hand bottom corner select Sims3Pack

Select the hair and open

Menu comes up is this a Sims 4 Package – Select No

Click Next then Next again – then click OK



It takes a while to load – Once you see your mesh select the mesh tab at the top

Click in the folder with the red arrow to export



Export the mesh and select Wavefront Object – put in a name and export


Then go to the Textures tab

Scroll down to Hair textures and then select the diffuse map



Click Edit then export

Put in a name and export saving the dds we’ll need it later

Close TSR Workshop

Open Blender – Make sure you’re in Object Mode

Delete the objects there – right select with mouse and press X to delete

Go to File then Import and then Wavefront object


Select your hair

It will load your hair – if two groups select both group using shift key and go to the left side and select Join


Back to the right hand side select the little wrench icon

A menu pops up Add Modifier


Click on that and select Decimate

You’ll see the polycount of 25000

Where it says Ratio, there’s a figure of 1.0 change that to 0.5

Click Apply (then Apply again)


You’ll see it’s reduced to 12500

You can do 0.5 again to go lower, results aren’t always that good.

For this tutorial I’ll just go down to 12500

Click Apply again

Go to File – Export – Wavefront Object

Give it another name – This way you keep your original if the mesh isn’t to your liking.

Close Blender

Open Milkshape

File Import Wavefront Object



Go to Material tab and delete

Click New

Then add the hair texture file you saved and Assign

Now the mesh is ready to edit and size for Sims 2 and for any age you want also bone assignments.