Update 02/10/16 – 3to2/4to2 Conversions also WCIFs

TOU as from today will be changed for my 3to2/4to2 conversions, not so much with the shoe conversions but for hair, clothing but for bigger projects hair and also the Darth Vader I did. Please ask if you wish to edit the larger projects.

I stopped converting hair a long time ago due to simmers/update sites crediting more well known creators like Trapping (3to 2 Cheer Hair my version is all ages) and pathofnevermore (My BobbyTH WildCat conversion to Sims 4) for my conversions even though credit to me by those creators but others credited them even my TOU states credit me for the original conversion. The same will happen with the Darth Vader as it’s now part of MDP’s set, she did give me credit but those using it won’t.

The only conversions I’ll do now is my own Sims 4 content to Sims 2.

Also people posting WCIFs for my stuff at MTS and other sites, I’m not inactive at the moment so please ask if you’re having trouble with a file or if something is missing.

Even if I wasn’t around, I still maintain my simblrs and blogs now and again when I had the time and would still upload or fix any missing file or broken download link.

No need to ask on other forums or other simmers when I can easily go into my  own archive and fix any broken link…