SIMS 3: BobbyTH GND Skirt by Julie J

Another skirt I’d forgotten to upload. One of the first I made for this shape.

More new stuff coming soon as I’m back creating for Sims 3.


Has fit, thin, fat and preg morphs

Please don’t reupload or claim as your own or another creator’s work – No paysites, BAS, Adfly

If BAS creators who create for this shape please use BobbyTH’s original meshes and not use mine due to me not been welcome at that site that would be appreciated – Thank you

Also message to any other adult forum. Lungpaul does not and never had permission to share these files. He may have permission from Bobby to share her originals but nothing that I have made. If he had the decent courtesy to ask I may have said yes so if marass wants any files he/she can come and download them here.