Update 10/07/16 – Old Meshes (PG & 18+)

I’ve found a lot more of my old meshes and will share them once they’ve been tested and updated if they need to be fixed.

If there is a mesh of mine you’re looking for that isn’t here or at the 18+ blog (Bootylicious has been added there) rather than ask other simmers/creators/websites you can comment on this post and I’ll add the mesh here or at the 18+ blog.

I can be reached by PM at some of the main sites if you have problems posting here.

Please don’t ask for anything of mine at BackAlleySims, all items I had there will be added to the 18+ blog and maybe SexySims and MambaCity. If anything missing please ask and if I still have it, I’ll upload it.

You can contact me at tumblr also